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Not Familiar with these NASA, Sports Medicine, NHL, NFL, NBA, DARPA ways to DROP PAIN FAST and improve the tissue issue?   


Come in for a 10 Complimentary Pain Relief Session for one area.

One Pain area or More $50-$150

No matter how old it is or how bad it is or how many others have told you, you have to live with it for the rest of your life or take drugs to mask it.


Or Save Money, ask about our Chronic Pain Program: between 3-8 sessions program,

approximately 1 hour sessions.

An excellent mixture of modalities to address: chronic pain, back pain, bone pain, nerve pain, neuropathic pain, phantom pain, fractures, scarring, autoimmune, CRPS (aka RSD pain), stroke injuries, diabetic wounds, migraines, PTSD, Depression, Anxiety and more.     


These programs are designed to concentrate on reducing inflammation, restore damaged tissue, flood the body with therapeutic doses of nutrients & fluids, remove burdens & detox waste, to balance, restore and optimize the body to promote faster healing.  An excellent option for treating various types of chronic pain where nothing else has helped. 85% Notice a SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE!

Start & End With AO Digital Body Scan Images. (included)


• Laser 


• Microcurrent

• AO Scanning

• Zyto Scanning

• TeraHertz 

• Biofeedback

• Infrared Light 

• Scalar Frequency  

• Intermittent Fasting

• Amino Acid Therapy 

• Military Pain Patches

• 4 Posts Body Alignment

   for Scoliosis Pain Relief 

• Video Discussion Calls

• Vagus Nerve Stimulation

• Wholefood Liquid Nutrition

• Therapeutic Energy Blanket 

• Stem Cell BioModulation Light 

• SCS Spinal Cord Stimulation 

• Neuroplasticity Training of PONS

• External Dorsal Root Ganglion Stimulation 

Schedule Appt, Rent or Buy or Training, or Certification for Avazzia Microcurrent Devices, iTeraCare Devices, AO Scan Devices For Clinic and Home uses. Independent Rep. Ask about Specials!

BOOK NOW!  to schedule a free consultation.

PH: 916-990-8907 (call/text)

What have you got to lose but your pain?

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Today is the day to begin your pain free life!

Thanks You

for your Inquiry!

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