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Yvonne Rea

Former Military, US Navy,

Board Certified Functional Medicine,

Microcurrent Therapy Pain Specialist

"Inflammation is the precursor to pain and in the presence of inflammation the body cannot move to the next stage of healing. You must first quiet the pain and anger of the tissue before repair and rebuild and regeneration can occur." Yvonne Rea

Yvonne has worked with Pain Free For Life Beta Testing Research, as well as Nutrition Director working within 4AbetterU2 Wellness Resources (4U2) and Erasing Pain Holistic Centers. She also regularly works with Sacramento area practitioners to broaden her scope of knowledge and research of all pain, physical and emotional.

During her 15 years of Military service, Yvonne found a love for the sciences after assisting in numerous forensic identification cases (autopsies) and has since logged in thousands of schooling, research  and internship hours.

Covering: inflammation, pain, non healing wounds and nutritional science. All as it relates to disease and regeneration of tissue, coupled with Bio Electrophysiology. Using devices that NASA uses such as Microcurrent, PEMF, Scalar and more.


After opening her business she partnered with The Academy of Applied Electrophysiology to create awareness for these technologies. These technologies are mostly available only to the elite or professional athletes. Her goal “Making the Unknown Known” where “85% notice a significant difference” in under 2 sessions.


Yvonne has used her knowledge and skills as the Nutritional Director, and Educator for new interns learning Microcurrent Therapy Protocols at a local clinic in the Sacramento area. On a regular basis she travels and presents the impact Microcurrent and Nutrition can provide to Health Professionals & Advocates and even those looking for a second opinion in natural/alternative health.


In addition to her knowledge and certifications in Functional Medicine and Microcurrent Therapy, Yvonne has professional training in Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, Aromatherapy, Auriculotherapy, and Amino Acid Therapy for Brain Health.


Much like an EKG, Microcurrent with biofeedback looks for electrical blocks in the tissue that are inflamed and pained or not healing. And with frequency specific microcurrent you can treat all tissue types from skin, to bone to nerves, non-invasively.  When using the Microcurrent stimulation to the body it causes radically increased production of ATP levels. This allows the body to perform whatever healing process it has undertaken in an accelerated fashion. It may even allow one to get over the proverbial "hump" that was unachievable, due to insufficient ATP concentrations to perform the changes needed.

Please browse just a small selection of topics Yvonne specializes in.

All presentations are customizable to your audience and range from 45 minutes to 2 hours, depending on your needs.

• Disrupting the Pain Medication Market: The Mission of the Pain Free for Life Movement

• The 5 Key Elements to Resolve Chronic Pain and Disease.

• Beyond Popping Pills: The Secret Weapon in Holistic Pain    Management.

• When Doctors Get It Wrong: How Traditional Western   Medicine is Prolonging the Suffering of Chronic Pain      Patients.

• Incorporating Microcurrent Technology Treatments Into

  Your Holistic Medical, Dental, or Veterinary Practice To

  Treat Chronic Pain.


Imagine for a moment, you were in a place where there was no medical or surgical way to help heal a broken bone, soft tissue, nerve damage, diabetic ulcer, migraine, etc., and you are in constant pain.  What would you do? Such a dilemma is true for those in the Space Programs. So here’s what they did. Brought in Electroceuticals, a.k.a. Microcurrent.  In fact DARPA which stands for “ Defense Advanced Research Project Agency” a division of the Armed Forces calls this program “ElectRX”. Using innovative ways that give “feedback-controlled” therapies.  

To date, millions worldwide have received substantial benefits of pain relief, bone, tissue and nerve improvements plus more mobility through these devices and protocols.

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